January 6, 2016

Primary Containment and Settlement Detection Boots

Primary Containment with Geomembrane Liners

geomembrane linersGeomembrane liners have been used in pond or pit applications for decades and are a cost effective solution for containment of hazardous and nonhazardous liquids. Contain Enviro Services’ crews are fully qualified to supply, install and test primary containment liners.We also offer design assistance and fabrication for the most challenging of applications. With access to a complete range of geomembrane materials, Contain will suggest the most cost effective liner material while still meeting the environmental and safety requirements of your project.

Settlement Detection Boots

settlement detection bootsA common design feature of any secondary containment system is the use of post or pilings to support the tank that will be providing primary containment. When a facility is built on a unstable sub grade there could be a high degree of settlement. Previous pipe boot designs did not factor in a spring thaw and started pulling down and putting the liner under adverse tension. Contain Enviro Services developed a patented product to address these maintenance issues. The SD Boot has circular corrugations providing the additional material to extend downwards should settlement occur.

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About CESL

Contain Enviro Services Ltd. has been a major player in the secondary containment industry since 1997. Our head office is located in Grande Prairie, with regional offices in Cold Lake and Calgary. Find us on Twitter and Linkedin


Introducing the Contain 67” Wall

Zero ground disturbance – no posts required.
• Reduces foot print when having to install in space restricted areas.

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