Geomembranes for Primary & Secondary Containment

As the leader in primary and secondary containment in western Canada, and in business for over 15 years, Contain Enviro Services Ltd. has been involved in a wide variety of challenging projects. As such, we have been required to supply Geomembrane lining solutions into a wide spectrum of demanding applications.

From heated bitumen tanks, aggressive acids, or liquid fertilizer for the agricultural industry, Contain has successfully installed Geomembrane liners and corrugated steel berms into projects both large and small.

Geomembrane Liner

Geomembranes in Primary & Secondary Containment

The intent of any geomembrane is to provide an impermeable barrier to the liquids which are, or may come, in contact with the geomembrane. Geomembranes which are in direct contact with the liquid being stored, such as a water trap in a golf course, are being utilized as “Primary Containment” liners.

Geomembrane liners which are used to provide containment only in the event that there is a leak or failure of the primary containment, such as a welded steel tank, are providing secondary containment.

GeomembranesWhether the intent of the liner is primary or secondary containment, several factors need to be considered before selecting the most appropriate geomembrane. Provincial and Federal guidelines should be first referenced to provide the initial direction as to the requirements of the geomembrane.

However factors such as the location and timing of the installation, the chemical make-up and temperature of the liquid, along with several other factors need to be considered before selecting the most appropriate and cost effective geomembrane.

Customized Solutions

No one single Geomembrane liner material exists which is suitable for all applications. With access to the complete range of Geomembrane materials, Contain will suggest the most cost-effective liner material while still meeting the environmental and safety requirements of your project.

Introducing the Contain 67” Wall

Zero ground disturbance – no posts required.
• Reduces foot print when having to install in space restricted areas.

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