Primary Liner and Steel Containment

Steel ContainmentContain Enviro Services Ltd. is in the business of providing top quality primary liner and steel containments. Contain carries a variety of liners meeting several requirements for all applications with the ability to fabricate any size of liner requested, in the Grande Prairie or Cold Lake facilities. Working closely with CESL engineers allows us to build custom sized temporary or permanent steel water storage to accommodate customer requests. Whether it is open top containment, floating covers, or a steel roof, we can provide it all.

Frac & Steel Water Tanks

Some of Contain’s water tank systems are provided by our partner company Contain Water Tanks Inc. Contain Water Tanks Inc. series of tanks and accessories come with a 20 year warranty, the longest in the industry, backed by a team of certified installers around Canada and the US ready to provide professional installation services for your project site.

Contain’s Frac Water Tanks are designed with the same features as the Zero Ground Disturbance Containment System. The galvanized steel construction and superior quality components mean it will stand up to the harshest weather conditions and provides excellent corrosion resistance. The Frac Water Tanks modular design bolts together easily and requires less time to install than other containment systems.

Contain’s Portable Frac Water Tanks can be used to store water and brine for hydraulic fracturing well stimulation in shale gas, and coal bed methane applications. The water is held in the Frac Water Tank and connected by a hose or pipeline to a pump that will flow it down the wellbore at a high pressure to push open shale formations. Water tanks can also be used to store produced water, which usually contains oil and metals and must be treated prior to being discharged. With a suitable liner, the Frac water tank may also be used to store other liquids like run-off water, waste products, etc.


Steel Containment TanksContain’s Frac Water Tanks can be dismantled and moved from lease to lease; a significant cost advantage over other traditional primary containment options. Professionally engineered to exceed today’s strict guidelines, Frac Water Tanks provide long term insurance against leaks and failures, while eliminating other environmental effects like ground disturbance.

Floating covers are available to protect the contents as well as act as an insulation to keep the contents warm.

Cost Effective Primary Storage

With many diameters and heights available, a manageable sheet size and weight, and affordable shipping, the Frac Water Tank is the answer for primary storage. They provide a cost effective alternative to water storage tank rentals at well sites and drought areas.

Primary Liner

Gold Course Primary LinerPrimary liner containment is a large part of our business. Whether an economical liner is required for emergency clean up, or a multilayer system with leak detection for facility use, Contain can provide quality products as well as efficient and safe installation services. If reclamation is your business, we have economical geomembrane products that can we can readily supply. primary liner4With warranty support from all the main liner manufacturers and the ability to buy truckload quantities of Geomembrane, we are able to offer our customers quick, reliable service.

Contain has professional and experienced crews which allow us to tackle large facility projects and still manage the smaller projects. We employ a full time Safety Coordinator, as well as fully staffed offices in Grande Prairie and Cold Lake so we can ensure the customer gets everything required to make their project a success.

Introducing the Contain 67” Wall

Zero ground disturbance – no posts required.
• Reduces foot print when having to install in space restricted areas.

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